This is the zentis team

Frank Jansen

Software Developer / Founder

I'm a go-getter who is always eager to learn. My goal is to give medical solutions the quality that patients deserve using my experience as software developer and team leader on creating software for medical devices. I have extensive experience in all forms of medical software, including low-level firmware and connectivity.

Matthijs Zeeman

Software Developer / Founder

I'm an avid software enthousiast and have been developing medical device software for the past 10 years from my own company. My role in most projects is firmly on the technical side of things but I'm also often focussed on quality and regulations. When it comes to software I want it be simple, elegant and clear with safety embedded in the design.


Richard Post

Software Developer / Founder

After finishing my education I directly started in the field of Medical Software Development. In the context of Zentis I held various technical roles in all sorts of projects, among which software architect and team lead. While always being focused on the quality I'm also keen to get the product finished. 

For most projects I'm also the one to make the first contact, so if you're interested in working with Zentis, chances are we'll be speaking to each other soon.

Kevin Ouwens

Software Developer

My interest has always been to help create software solutions that, in some way, aid a user with their day to day work and/or life. I do this while focusing on user experience, asking myself what could be more user-friendly about the application that i'm creating.

Chiel Broer

Software Developer

I'm a software developer who always wants to create and learn new things. I have experience with different kinds of software, ranging from embedded software to user interfaces. When writing code I like it when it's simple, readable and easy to test. 

Loek Slendebroek

Software Developer

My hobbies and also my passion are Brazilian jujitsu, kickboxing and scouting. Here I can lose my energy and undertake new fun things. In the future I want to grow towards a management position and work together with my own team for a good result.
I also like traveling a lot and try to make an international trip as often as possible in Asia, Europe and America and see as much of the world as possible.

Questions? Please do ask! Contact us at info@zentis.nl