About us

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In short

Zentis is a medical software company experienced in the development of medical devices and medical systems. We help to bring new product ideas to the market and improve existing ones. We co-create with our customers and partners in other device related disciplines to change the healthcare landscape.

Our role

We are familiar with all aspects of product development, from business plan to after-sales, and can therefore help you in making the right choices for the best possible product. Zentis in an open and informal organization, so communication lines are short. We are flexible and hands-on. Because we recognize that the real world is not always as predictable as you hope.


With Zentis you are assured of developing a future-proof product. We will think about the right architecture, a good testing framework, the use of future-proof techniques and the use of easy-to-integrate communication.

We like to aid our customers in improving their software development processes and software implementation, but our main focus is always to get high-quality the products to the market.