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In short

Welcome to Zentis Medical: Your Leading Software Partner for MDR/FDA-Compliant Medical Device Manufacturers. With our comprehensive services and expert support, we empower innovation while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards,

Our specialization

At Zentis Medical, we specialize in software solutions for medical devices, offering comprehensive services tailored to every stage of your product's lifecycle. From concept validation and prototyping to implementation and ongoing support, our expertise ensures compliance and innovation every step of the way.

System Software for Medical Devices:

Zentis specializes in developing robust System software that forms the backbone of medical devices. From drivers for individual components to low-level data storage algorithms, our solutions are designed to empower your devices with efficiency, reliability, and scalability. With our expertise in application-specific sensor integration and future firmware updates, you can rest assured that your devices are equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Application Software for medical devices:

In addition to System software, Zentis Medical offers a comprehensive suite of Application software solutions aimed at enhancing the user experience and functionality of medical devices. From optimizing power consumption to designing intuitive UX/UI interfaces, our team of experts is dedicated to delivering solutions that exceed expectations. Whether it's subsystem logic, business logic software, or interfacing with external systems, Zentis has you covered every step of the way.

Electronics solutions for medical devices:

Electronics solutions will be delivered from our partner network. Zentis Medical will provide input to ensure effective and efficient solutions for the PCB/PCBA (printed circuit board). 


With Zentis you are assured of developing a future-proof product. We will think about the right architecture, a good testing framework, the use of future-proof techniques and the use of easy-to-integrate communication.

We like to aid our customers in improving their software development processes and software implementation, but our main focus is always to get high-quality the products to the market.