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Inzentiz medical software

Homecare improves the quality of care and efficiency: Health problems are detected earlier when people are monitored at home, preventive actions can be taken reducing hospitalization and improving quality of life. 

When a mobile device is used for diagnosis or therapy, it must meet the Medical Device Directive (MDD). Software in diagnosis or therapy devices must meet stricter rules than software in measuring devices. The high development costs and expertise needed to create software for diagnosis and therapy are major barriers for manufacturers to advance in medical diagnosis and therapy tools. The INZENTIZ platform overcomes this barrier.

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On average about 5 to 10 percent of the hospitalized patients gets an infection in a hospital. On top of that there is a global increase in the resistence against conventional antimicrobial agents. MICORE helps hospitals with infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship, with the goal to increase patient safety and quality of care.  

Softmedex has a solution based vision focused on the support and monitoring of a safe healtcare system. MICORE automatically collects data and reacts. 

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