Need a medical devices software specialist? Zentis can provide competent professionals with an extensive track record in the medical device industry. They all have hands-on experience in the development of innovative medical software that needs to adhere to the most stringent quality requirements.

Our people

Our people can be deployed for a short (or long) period of time in addition to your current or new team. Zentis people are high technically skilled and have a proactive nature. They are critical and result oriented. We always focus on adding as much value as possible and frequently evaluate our working results with each other and you.

Available roles

Software architect

Software architects connect stakeholders and make sure the software is and stays suitable for the task it needs to perform. We create a software architecture that can fulfill the requirements, while accounting for secondary quality attributes. We will make sure that the software is future-proof and we will facilitate the software lifecycle like testing, deployment, etc.

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Software engineer (senior / medior / junior)

We are versatile software engineers that are used to working in agile multi-disciplinary teams and are up to speed with the state-of-the-art techniques.




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Test engineer (senior)

A test-engineer has a broad set of responsibilities. We define test specifications and create automated tests. We also coordinate the testing, use the right test methods and cooperate with other team members and stakeholders to make sure that the product is sufficiently covered.


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Project manager

As a project manager we connect all stakeholders to make sure that the right product is created in-time. This goes beyond checking requirements and tracking the progress. Our people are aware of that and have a lot of experience in the role of project manager.


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“The Zentis team understands their metier from beginning to end: from a high-level architecture to the unit test framework throughout the code …”

Years of experience

We are familiar with all medical standards and quality processes.


Medical projects

Ranging from low-level firmware development to comprehensive information systems.



Our employees are highly skilled software programmers and project managers.

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